Antitrust Law in China


Monopoly always influence country’s development in the future, and for the more profits and business return then harming consumers’ advantages. So antitrust law was born to restrain and limit these companies, consortium involving monopoly during their industry. Antitrust law has been close to more completion in developed countries, however it is only the beginning in developing countries. According to statistic data, only less than 12 of developing countries have issued antitrust-law act. At the present, aiming to antitrust law China has rolled out related statutes and completed it gradually since Augest, 30th, 2007. Antitrust law also is called competition law and its original meaning is solo occupation, namely only one business executive in the market. Antitrust law is the legal regime that against monopoly and protect rational competition, also it is fundamental legal regime of market economic countries.

China Antitrust Law

China antitrust law, narrow sense understanding only means Chinese Anti monopoly Law which is passed by the 29th session of the NPC ( Nation People Congress) 10th Standing Committee on Aug, 30th , 2007; beginning to enforce since Aug, 1st , 2008. But broadly understanding about Chinese antitrust law is whole legal system of antitrust law, including Chinese Anti monopoly Law and latter relevant matching law documents issued and enforced aiming to enforce Chinese Antimonopoly Law. Now we may see a steep uptick about China’s antitrust law enforcement in recent years, and China has established itself one of the global major antitrust regimes after the EU and America. Certainly, in meantime industrial policy concerns always keep to play a critical role in China.

  1. Content

According to Chinese Anti Monopoly Law, its main guidance is to restrain such as,

  • abuse of dominance of market as its performance mainly is dominant operator practicing improper price action.
  • Curb of competitive agreement, also is called horizontal restriction of competition.
  • Enterprises merger control, the action of trying to gain market’s dominance.
  • Administrative monopoly, the action of restriction of competition by abuse of administrative power by administration or its authorized department.

The most of industries may develop and progress rationally and healthily under Chinese Anti monopoly Law such as Steel Companies in heavy industry, technology firms and giants, service industry and many groups in light industry. Certainly, it is also working to protect domestic enterprises and restrain related foreign firms because of their wrong actions.

  1. Basic principle

Actually Chinese Anti monopoly Law has been worked out and issued in terns of some of basic principles established by China government. Only promising enforcement of Chinese Antitrust Law must base on valuable principles.

  • The principle of sound and uniform, Open, competitive, orderly market system.

If the market system is not complete or saying without orderly and open, then the most of companies will utilize these leaks and weakness to operate illegally so that realize itself max profits or business return. It is not favorable for other rational competitive enterprises.

  • Encouraging fair competition, centralizing law enforcement, improving competition in market.

The good initiatives will progress law enforcement and industrial orderly development. Every competition must base on fair principle, so encouraging fair competition is really critical factor for this principle. Based on fair competition, reinforcing market competition is another good condition to restrain one company in one industry, thus avoiding monopoly is happened efficiently.

  • The principle of forbidding action of limit competition by illegal enforcement.

According to consumers’ right and interest and against to illicit competition, action of illicit competition and action of harming consumer’s right and interest do not meet to duality of limiting competition. So for consumers’ rights and interests, China already have figured out and rolled out related Antitrust Law based on this principle and ensure and reinforce fair competition more rationally and steadily.

  • The principle based on forbidding abuse of administrative power to limit competition.

According to 8th regulation in Chinese Anti monopoly Law, administrative office and the organizations authorized by laws and regulations to manage public affairs functions, shall not abuse administrative power to exclude or restrict competition.

Nowadays the business is not only for domestic companies and related industrial giants, but actually the business is ubiquitously around the world as international trade and multinational cooperation. So Antitrust Law is not only for effect in one country, however it should be developed, unite and work for globe.

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Definition of law and Top Ten best law schools in 2018


Law, definition in Dictionary, is about a rule made by a government that states how people may and may not behave in society and in business, and that often orders particular punishments if they do not obey, or a system of such rules. The discipline and profession concerned with the customs, practices, and rules of conduct of a community that are recognized as binding by the community. Enforcement of the body of rules is through a controlling authority.

For justice, for fair as struggle gain for the most of people, so whether you think about learn Law course? Yes, I trust that the most of people and students with a sense of justice will be enthusiastic to enroll and effort for an offer letter from related law universities, so that make them dream to be true. Actually from another hand to think about, law is also now involved in all sorts of industries such as popular one business, agriculture, industry and service industry and so on. Law not only restrain every individual, but it also restrain every community or group. Certainly, the third reason why we suggest you to learn Law course is that you with related law knowledge could help others people, but it also may save yourself and your family sometimes. There are some reference as self-learning by you. The law is treated in a number of articles. For a description of legal training and a general background, see legal education, legal profession, and legal ethics. Articles that delineate the relationship of law to political structures are constitution; ideology; political party; and political system.

By this time, there are some study techniques about Law to share through the blog I wrote. So that you may gain law knowledge more easily no matter you are self-learning or the students in law schools. Certainly, at the same time, I also show some information related to top law schools in 2018 below,

Ways to study law

1. Use key words

Underlining key words using different colors can significantly lessen the material you want to examine when stimulating your mind to recall information.

2. Use online flashcards to study and memorize key things Produce Online Flashcards with significant laws you want to memorize to your examination. When you’ve established your very first deck of Online Flashcards, you can review them and alter the sequence to check yourself correctly.

3. Complement your study notes with mind maps Perhaps many of you already used Mind Map as well, but sometimes, the nodes of a Mind Map can be a bit small for a subject such as law. So I suggest that the perfect solution is to incorporate Snippet Notes into your Mind Maps.

4. Study Collaboratively

Students should always devote time to studying law online individually, but interacting with peers and sharing questions and concerns can help you understand theory and other points of view. I suggest that you could create or join groups to study law.

Top Law Schools globally

Yale University, The Law School at Yale University has an application deadline of February 28. The full-time schedule application fee in the Law School at Yale University is $85. Its tuition is full time: $62,170. The student-faculty ratio is 4.2:1. The Law School at Yale University includes 259 complete – and part-time college on staff.

StanFord University, The Law School at Stanford University has an application deadline of February 1. The full-time program application fee at the Law School at Stanford University is $100. Its tuition is full-time: $60,270.

Harvard University, The law school in harvard has an application deadline of Feb 1. nothing more to say, you know this university, right?

University of Chicago, The law school here has an application deadline of March 1.

Columbia University, The Law School at Columbia University has an application deadline of February 15.

New York University, The School of Law at New York University has an application deadline of February 15, as same as Columbia University.

University of Pennsylvania, The law school at University of Pennsylvania has an application deadline of March 1.


There are also some other good law schools, you may refer to U.S News Education.

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