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  • 99310
    11 September 2013
    Anti-bribery regulatory activity on the rise

    By Rani John

    Gilbert + Tobin partner Rani John, discusses anti-bribery regulation and the increased regulatory activity in this area and its impact on Australian companies, both from Australian and foreign agencies.

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  • 99332
    10 September 2013
    Competition Law Quarterly Update

    By Drew & Napier LLC

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  • 99348
    04 September 2013
    NDRC’s Price Antitrust Investigation against Baby Formula Producers

    By Chen Xioahua and Guan Xioashu

    In August 2013, after only five months of investigations, the NDRC imposed record fines on six baby formula producers for setting minimum resale prices with distributors in breach of Article 14 of the AML (Article available in English and Chinese).

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  • 99313
    26 August 2013
    Timely review of National Access Regime

    By Simon Muys

    Simon Muys, Partner, discusses the review of the National Access Regime.

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  • 99312
    13 August 2013
    Antitrust spotlight continues on private equity firm bidding practices

    By Elizabeth Avery, Luke Woodward and Genevieve Rahman

    Following the recent case in Australia (Norcast v Bradken Limited (No 2) [ 2013 ] FCA 235 (appeal pending to be heard over four days from 4 November 2013) alleging anti-competitive bid arrangements between private equity firms, similar issues continue to rise to prominence under US antitrust laws as well.

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