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  • 205
    10 March 2010
    Potential amendments to the Trade Competition Act

    By David Fruitman of DFDL Mekong
    A brief note on the potential amendments to the Trade Competition Act.

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  • 204
    22 February 2010
    Criminal sanctions for cartel conduct introduced into the Trade Practices Act

    By Luke Woodward, Graeme Edgerton, Tadeusz Gielas and Genevieve Harris
    New cartel provisions in the Trade Practices Act took effect in July 2009. The most significant change is the introduction of criminal sanctions for individuals and corporations which gives effect to parallel civil prohibitions and criminal offences for cartel conduct. Significant fines and jail terms are possible under the new provisions.

    ACCC investigations will now be supported by the Australian Federal Police with wire tapping and other surveillance powers. As the ACCC has made it clear it will refer all serious cartel conduct to the DPP, it is important for businesses to understand the implications of the changes.

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  • 203
    22 February 2010
    Article Published in Dominance 2010: The regulation of dominant firm conduct in 40 jurisdictions worldwide.

    By Rikrik Rizkiyana, Vovo Iswanto, and Albert Boy Situmorang
    The existence of a (or collective) dominance in economic should be carefully assessed and viewed. It is not the status of dominance that endangers the competition and economics as a whole, but the potential or existing conduct of abuse of dominance that could jeopardize the business competition. The article is answering 38 crucial questions regarding the definition of dominance, the assessment, the forms of abuse, and the enforcement of dominance under the Indonesian Competition Law.

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  • 198
    28 January 2010
    Counting on Competition

    By Lim Chong Kin, Ng Ee-Kia and Scott Clements, first published in the November '09 Issue of Asian-Counsel Magazine

    An examination of the latest competition developments in Singapore, and what might be expected in 2010.

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  • 196
    13 January 2010
    Taiwan Fair Trade Commission Cleared 3-in-1 Merger in LCD Industry

    Authors: Stephen C. Wu / Yvonne Y. Hsieh
    (The article reflects only the authors' opinion and does not represent the opinion of Lee and Li.)
    On December 22, 2009 the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission cleared the proposed merger among Innolux Display Corp. ("Innolux"), TPO Display Corp. and Chi Mei Optoelectronics, with Innolux being the surviving company and renamed Chimei Innolux Corporation. The proposed transaction involved three major market players in the thin film transistor liquid crystal display business ("TFT LCD") in Taiwan.

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