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  • 99333
    25 July 2013
    Information Requirements Of Merger Notification In Singapore – Article in ABA International Antitrust Committee Newsletter

    By Drew & Napier LLC

    This article provides an overview of Singapore's merger control framework before moving
    on to discuss the type of information required in a notification.

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  • 99314
    02 July 2013
    ACCC releases draft Merger Process Guidelines

    By Simon Snow, Charles Coorey and Emma Ringland

    The ACCC has released draft updated Merger Review Process Guidelines (Draft Guidelines). The ACCC is in the process of seeking views on the Draft Guidelines, and submissions are due on Friday 19 July 2013. We discuss the key proposed changes.

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  • 99316
    27 June 2013
    NFC – Developers beware (the regulators are watching)

    By Paula Gilardoni, Emma Ringland and Lara Hall

    With the use in Australia of Near Field Communication ( NFC ) technology expected to increase, regulators are turning their attention to the implications of this new technology.

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  • 99315
    27 June 2013
    What is an “artificial price”? The High Court rules on market manipulation

    By Rani John and David Clee

    On 27 June 2013 the High Court handed down its unanimous decision in Director of Public Prosecutions (Cth) v JM [2013] HCA 30, regarding the meaning of the phrase “artificial price” in s 1041A of the Corporations Act 2001.

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  • 99304
    11 June 2013
    2012 Annual Report of the Vietnam Competition Authority

    By David Fruitman

    Last month, the Vietnam Competition Authority released its 2012 Annual Report which, at writing, was available on the VCA's website.

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