CT Workstation

Universal Testing Machine merupakan sebuah alat tester yang udah terbukti sanggup lakukan uji tarik bersama dengan jumlah yang standar dan tes kompresi pada bahan, komponen, dan struktur. The simplest typical elements of X-ray radiography are an X-ray supply, an object to be imaged by way of which the X-rays pass, and a series of detectors that measure the extent to which the X-ray signal has been attenuated by the object (Fig. 1). A single set of X-ray intensity measurements on all detectors for a given object position and scanner geometry is termed a view. The fundamental principle behind computed tomography is to obtain several views of an object over a range of angular orientations. By this indicates, extra dimensional data are obtained in comparison to standard X-radiography, in which there is only a single view.

mask testing machine 

Digital display graphics data acquisition and manage method are designed to manage the machine and procedure the data from encoders, Load cells, installed on the Electromechanical Test Machine frame. It has graphical TFT display of 240×128 pixel and show each load and displacement. The digital unit sends all these data to Computer and accepts commands of Commence, Cease, and Test Speed and so on.

Packaging serves protection & security to the goods throughout transportation & storage. The material employed in packaging is crucial whether or not it is a printing paper that has to have run-capability via the printing press or a corrugated board box that has to carry loads. This section includes equipment that can be utilised for item handle, troubleshooting and optimization of paper and paper products. These equipments measure the strength, grammage, and compression and so forth. of the product.

The great news is that there is a single straightforward, general rule to calculate accuracy. Essentially, the accuracy of an industrial microfocus CT program is around ⅓ of the voxel size. The voxel size is determined by the diameter of the object getting measured, divided by the number of pixels on the detector which is getting utilised to measure the diameter. The complete calculation also includes the X-ray spot size, but for most industrial objects, this is a small correction < 1%.

If a technician does not recognize a step or a data signal, he or she can push a button on the device and wirelessly stream their inspection to the Computer, phone, or tablet of a remote expert. These new technological developments are generating it feasible to comprehend the benefits of phased array corrosion inspection on a global scale.

YXLON CT Precision is a higher-resolution cone-beam industrial CT inspection program designed for small to medium sized parts. Precision CT system handles low density inspection for medium sized components. Presto is a major manufacturer of torque tester for PET bottles and has been offering very best high quality testing options for a variety of industries.

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