The concept of food additives 1.The definition of Our country’s food additives According to the provisions of my country’s Food Hygiene Law (1995), food additives are artificial or natural substances added to foods to improve food color, aroma, taste and other qualities, as well as for antiseptic and processing techniques.Continue Reading

The purpose of inspection of elevator hoisting machinery is to ensure the safety of daily operation of elevator hoisting machinery. Therefore, relevant staff need to master scientific and effective elevator hoisting machinery related inspection technology to ensure the reliability and safety of elevator hoisting machinery operation. Our country’s construction engineeringContinue Reading

Remember when you were a child you would swallow a watermelon seed. People would scare you at the thought of a watermelon tree growing in your body? As you grow up, you do realize it’s a scam, but watermelon seeds still have a bad reputation. Yes, the black seeds of thisContinue Reading